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You and your beautiful wedding dress will remain front-and-center while wearing the Esther Andrews Classic Shrug, while you remain perfectly warm!


The Classic Shrug is lightweight, comfortable, easy to move in, and easy to pair with any outfit for a spring, fall, or winter wedding!


Invest in a product that is ethically-sourced, thoughtfully-created in Esther's Indiana studio, and delivered with love.  <3



A note from the designer:


"The Journey:

Knitting is a generational story. Techniques that have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Ancient secrets are hidden in each piece’s unique stitch structure.  I’m going to fill you in on this piece’s secrets and the special design journey it takes to become the heirloom you’ll receive.  



We start with our yarn–Stretch Cashmere–made from 76% Cashmere, 21% Nylon, 3% Lycra. We chose this yarn because of its luxuriously soft hand-feel, it's warmth, and its non-itchy cuddly texture.  


This yarn is certifIed by the Sustainable Fiber Alliance (SFA), The Good Cashmere Standard (GCS), and the International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare (ICCAW). Read more about the exciting meaning behind these names on our Sustainability Page.


Moving Hands:

The knitting is done in our Indiana studio on a vintage, hand operated knitting machine. The carriage (which holds the yarn as it passes over hundreds of needles) needs to be pushed back and forth to create each new row. It's a process that requires warmed up shoulders and a few yoga breaths.  Over 1000 rows go into each of our shrugs–it's a beautiful, slow journey that grows one millimeter at a time. 


The Hidden Steps:

Once the last stitch is stitched, we start a finishing process that is called blocking.  Before the piece is sewn it's washed in cold water. This makes the finished yarn softer, and gently stretches each stitch so they are perfectly uniform. 


The knit is stretched out flat and pinned to the shape of its pattern using hundreds of tiny, little silk pins and left to dry overnight. This locks the shape in place so it does not warp when wearing. 


Joining Together:

The seams are sewn together in a process called linking.  This is done with a tiny crochet hook, looping each stitch one at a time & matching fashion marks together, to create thin, strong seams.


A Little Window:

The final step in this journey is a signature.


Protective Ecosystem:

Our garments are family heirlooms and their packaging needs to keep them safe.  Our packaging are custom made wooden boxes -- protective ecosystems that safeguard your shrug from gravity, hungry moths, and the aging effects of time.


Skillfully made by local woodworker, Dustin Case. He makes the boxes in his Indiana studio using cedar wood certified by the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Caring Heritage:

Inside each box are step by step instructions for how to care for your shrug.  We believe that sharing how to properly care for your clothing is a form of love.  A special kind of inheritance that you can pass on to future generations.


With Love:

Thank you for following along on your piece’s creative journey! My hope is that the warmth that we whisper in each hand-crafted stitch, keeps you feeling loved and beautiful the day of your wedding.


With Love,





Classic Shrug by Esther Andrews

  • 2-4 Weeks

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