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Want a luxury gown without the luxury price? Concerned about reducing your environmental impact? Need a dress fast, or a dress delivered to your door without stepping foot in a salon? Looking to find or create a one-of-a-kind bridal look in a relaxed atmosphere? We're here to help!

Bridal can be hard on your wallet, the Earth, and on your nerves, but we knew that it didn't have to be this way. We are running with the growing movement toward consigning and renting luxury fashion and soon we will be taking it one step further by using wasted and leftover fabrics to create gowns especially for you! 

While we are excited to help brides at our boutique, we are also updating the bridal shopping experience by allowing you to purchase real gowns online. There are no smoke-in-mirrors or gimmicks: the prices are posted clearly, no salesperson or overzealous bridesmaid is talking you into a purchase, and you don't need to spend extra time or money to travel anywhere. Bridal needed a boost into the 21st century!

We want you to be able to achieve the look you want by offering diverse designers and brands straight from the source, consigned used dresses, custom dresses, and most-importantly, a friendly experience that cares about you and your wedding--not just pushing the wrong dress onto you so we can make a commission! AND, you can sell your dress with us after your wedding, keeping the circle of love going strong and putting some cash back in your pocket!

We are here to be your (almost) one-stop shop, providing dresses, alterations, veils, and even cleaning! We love brides, weddings, and dresses more than anything in the world and we hope you can feel the love at Camelia. <3

"Why Should I Buy A Used Dress or Sell My Dress?"

In today's climate crisis, every industry needs to do their part to reduce their harm to the environment but the fashion industry in particular needs an overhaul. 

The fashion industry as a whole is responsible for:

  •  10% of the world's carbon emissions

  • The second most water usage of any industry. 

  • The second most contributions to water pollution, and:

  • 85% of the textiles produced each year are disposed of! These fabrics end up in landfills and the oceans forever, when some of them could be re-used or recycled.

The fashion and bridal fashion industries also think that they know what is best for brides--what they should wear, what size they should try to fit into, how long they should expect to wait for a gown to get to them, and how much they should expect to pay. While skilled work and fine fabrics should cost more and take longer to produce than fast-fashion, much of what brides receive in "high-end" bridal shops is nothing more than over-priced, cheaply-made garments that are even worse for the environment that that T-shirt you bought at the mall...because you only wear a wedding dress once. At Camelia Bridal, we don't include wedding dresses in the "'Til Death To Us Part" portion of wedding vows. Sharing dresses is caring about the environment!

Why shop at Camelia?: Welcome


We chose to honor the camellia flower in our name because the beautiful camellia flowers symbolizes such things as admiration, affection, good luck, beauty, passion, faithfulness, and lasting love. While we hope that your wedding and marriage embody all that the camellia stands for, we also chose our namesake because we feel such love and passion for helping brides find the most beautiful gowns. 

Camellia plants are not only beautiful, but they are useful and hardy! They provide black and green tea from their leaves and cannot be easily killed. And, their petals and calyx stay together faithfully even in death. We are committed to making use out of dresses and material that may have gone to waste by giving it new uses and new homes with brides. We aim to not just offer beautiful garments, but a beautiful community of brides, designers, local residents, and Camelia Bridal staff!

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