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Your personal wedding dress treasure hunters!

*Boutique opening January 2023, online shop open now*

The Camelia Bride is one that loves a great bargain and spends her hard-earned money thoughtfully. Your wedding dress is a special, once-in-a-lifetime purchase, but it should still reflect you and your values on every level!


Our goal is to get every Camelia bride a dress that they love, for a price that they love, while being as conscious of the environment as possible. 


The fashion industry is responsible for tons (literally!) of waste and pollution. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, the fashion industry is the second-largest industrial consumer of water, and  it takes 900L to manufacture one average wedding dress alone. Garment and textile production creates around 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, which amounts to 1.26 billion tons of CO2 per year. And, to top it all off-- 1 truckload of material per second is wasted by the fashion industry worldwide every second, while 208M lbs of fabric waste were generated by single-use outfits in 2019 ! We cannot ignore or contribute to this problem any longer.


We are providing one small solution by offering consigned pre-worn dresses from brides, designer samples, thrifted gowns, made-to-order dresses by the hottest independent designers and brands, as well as select direct-to-consumer private label offerings that avoid wasteful over-production of dresses no one will ever wear. It is our mission to rescue dresses from closets, storage rooms, and landfills and to bring them to you!


We also will provide customization options using mostly repurposed and recycled materials, utilize carbon-offset shipping when possible, and we are committed to working toward (almost) no-waste operations on our sales floor. 

Additionally, a portion of our profits every year will go to local non-profits, so we can continue to spread all the love that will pass through our doors!

We can't wait to help you find the dress of your dreams!

**To read more about the environmental impact of the fashion industry today, please visit this website**:

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Founded by Megan D. in 2021, Camelia Bridal's mission is to get every bride exactly what they want at the best possible price, with the least impact on the environment possible!

Megan was born with a passion for bridal fashion. She was a "Barbie Bride" for halloween at 4 years old and loved her first communion because she could feel like a bride in her white dress and veil. From an early age, she would ask to see every family member's wedding photos just to examine their bridal looks, browse bridal magazines, and made bridal inspiration blogs.

She was a true bridal nerd.


Through a stroke of luck, she found herself working at an amazing luxury consignment bridal salon in 2019, and she knew then that bridal was her calling. When COVID-19 closed that store in 2020, Megan knew that she had to keep the mission going and while providing even more options for brides by providing virtual purchasing options, customization, and select special ordering options, while always keeping an eye on the environmental impact of the modern fashion industry.

We will be opening our brick-and-mortar boutique soon, but please feel free to purchase the dresses we have available on our site now! And, please tell your friends to visit our boutique full of one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find pieces--and to contact us if they want to sell their own wedding attire! Your dress could make someone else's dreams come true!


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